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What makes Needpedia different?

While people already use the internet to find solutions, search engine algorithms tend to care more about SEO scores and traffic than the quality of the answers themselves. -Needpedia provides a space where you can see all your options side by side, and even see what scientists and other experts had to say about them.

How to use Needpedia

In order to make sure no one's using our tools maliciously, our admins have to be able to monitor content, so even the private posts are visible to them. Needpedia itself is a public archive, so it's best to think of all contributions to it as public. If you live in a part of the world where certain kinds of information can put you in harms way please be very careful, and also join us in future discussion regarding this issue here:
Add it! -First you've got to decide if it's an idea people need to vote on, or something they can pretty much do on their own. Because that's what decides if your idea should be a "Proposal" or "Idea" post. If it's a proposal, it's treated like a "bill" for people to vote on. So in example, you could type in the name of a city, (or social movement), and see all the proposals/bills that people are proposing. Needpedia obviously can't endow these "bills" with any kind of legal power, but groups can use these tools to put ideas to a vote. -And help us make Needpedia better by sharing their ideas for problems with it. If it doesn't need to be voted on then it's simply called an "idea" post. And idea posts are organized based on a problem they're based on. The main reason for this is that if you have a problem, you want to know what all your options are. -For that one, specific problem. Whereas if you're in an area, (or especially into a social group or something), you want to know what people *there* are proposing. -It's also handy having the ability for "bills"/proposals to address numerous problems and ideas at the same time. If you have an idea for a problem that's not listed yet, you'll need to create that problem post first. -It doesn't have to be more than a few sentences though, because Needpedia's all about solutions.
Tokens are little icons you can drop into text that let you leave notes, ask questions, and start debates. In order to use them you simply hit "edit", click on the area you want one to drop, then click on the kind of token you want to use.

Remember that it's still extremely easy for someone to accidentally delete tokens, so if you find content you like be sure to take a screenshot or something. Let us know if you have any new ideas for them too, preferably by posting directly to Needpedia here:
We want it to be easy for people to see what all their options are, side by side, for any given problem. Needpedia is primarily a wiki for solutions. That said, we hope to connect citizens and experts throughout the world, with advanced networking technology. That's why there's so many different features. But at the center of it all we'll always be a solution wiki. It's just that some problems are going to take a LOT more work than others. Fortunately every problem and idea for Needpedia will be listed too, so the sophistication and efficacy of the tools we have available on Needpedia should also increase with time.