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What makes Needpedia different?

While people already use the internet to find solutions, search engine algorithms tend to care more about SEO scores and traffic than the quality of the answers themselves. -Needpedia provides a space where you can see all your options side by side, and even see what scientists and other experts had to say about them.

The Token System

We’ve innovated upon the hypertext system used by Wikipedia and others to make it possible for everyone to drop debates and notes directly into pages, after any word; all while being neatly embedded into little icons called “tokens”. The token system lets citizens and experts publicly dismantle false information, myths, and fallacies. Debate tokens even let you rate people’s arguments individually, so that everyone can see which concerns actually matter most to people. Ultimately our goal is to create the world’s greatest problem solving engine.

The Layer System

The layer system lets users create new layers to any page. Inspired by the idea of helping experts collaborate effortlessly with those outside their field, it was soon realized however that it could double as a powerful tool for promoting cultural and scientific literacy. The Layer system enables everyone to learn subjects by reading the actual conversations specialists are having about solving problems in the real world.