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What makes Needpedia different?

While people already use the internet to find solutions, search engine algorithms tend to care more about SEO scores and traffic than the quality of the answers themselves. -Needpedia provides a space where you can see all your options side by side, and even see what scientists and other experts had to say about them.

How to Section

Once you've clicked on a post you should be able to see a drop down menu that says "Layers". If you don't see one you want then you can just create one. Remember that you don't have to be an expert to make an expert layer. If someone has a really cool idea for converting a mall into a homeless shelter or something, everyone's free to create new layers for certain kinds of experts and use the URLs to them to link experts to the project/discussion. When a new layer's created it's a totally blank page, but even for people without fancy degrees it's possible to at least describe what the biggest challenges appear to be. A lot of experts will probably just chime in on the layer's comment section anyways, which is often super useful too.
Nope. Humorous layers are welcome but if there's too many it blocks out important content so until we can develop more specialized features for that, please put the emphasis on quality rather than quantity, or our admins are gonna have to clean things up a bit. It's also important to remember that the kind of humor people enjoy in discussions around subjects like "drugs" and "farts", verses those regarding more painful subjects like "rape" and "torture", are different. Please be respectful.
Tokens are little icons you can drop into text that let you do things like leave notes, ask questions, and start debates. -After any word or comment you want.

To use tokens simply hit the "Edit" button on posts, then click on the area you want a token to appear, and select which token you want. *Please note that the 'drag and drop' function isn't available yet

Also remember that it's still extremely easy for someone to accidentally delete tokens, so if you find content you like, be sure to take a screenshot or something to keep it safe. And as always, please let us know if you have any new ideas for Needpedia too. -Preferably by posting directly to Needpedia here:
Step 1: make sure it doesn't already exist, (that's why there's no "Create Post" button on Needpedia's homepage).

Step 2: the search results page has a blue 'Create Post' button on it, near the top, to the right.

Step 3: Once you've made a post for the area you're interested in, you can make posts about problems with it.

And once you have a "problem" post, you can write "idea" posts for it. That's how Needpedia's wiki section is organized.

*If your idea requires a group of people to vote on something then you'll need to make a "proposal" post. The button to make them is found on "area" posts. We decided proposals needed their own section because they can pertain to many problems and ideas at the same time.

The easiest way to remember the difference is that Needpedia was made to list ideas for problems with things, because we realized it's so important that people can see all their options, side by side, for any one problem they experience. Needpedia only has a proposal section because we realized people would need one of those too.

If you have any ideas for improving Needpedia remember that we'd love to see them posted to Needpedia. We plan to operate far more democratically, and innovatively, than any other website or app on Earth.

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